Running macOS Ventura as a VM

I tried to install the shiny new macOS Ventura beta as a VM on my M1 Mac using UTM and MacVM. However, it wouldn’t work. It never got past 0% installing on either of the apps.

Then @chilcote saved me by mentioning that he was able to get Venty to install in UTM after launching the Xcode 14 beta. So, I downloaded the Xcode 14 beta, launched it, and installed the Xcode 14 macOS and iOS components. Then I launched UTM and told it to install the Venty IPSW, and it worked!


  • Download Xcode 14 beta
  • Download the macOS Ventura beta IPSW
  • Install and launch the Xcode beta
  • Install the Xcode macOS and iOS components
  • Launch UTM and install Venty

SSH Reverse Proxy Tunnel

On occasion I need to test external access to my office or sometimes I’m on public Wi-Fi and want to securely browse the internet without connecting to a VPN. For times like those I use an SSH reverse proxy tunnel to a VPS and Firefox. This routes all of my Firefox traffic through my VPS securely over SSH.

All you need to accomplish this is an SSH server somewhere that you trust and Firefox. Once you have an SSH server up, go through these steps: