Automating Fiery’s Driver Download Form

It’s bad enough that some of us have to deal with Fiery printer drivers, but to make things worse, they make us fill out a stupid form every time we need to access the drivers download page. A friend was just complaining about this when I thought to myself – “self, you can share that Keyboard Maestro macro you created that automates that stupid form”.

If you’re not familiar with Keyboard Maestro, then I highly recommend that you check it out. It’s incredibly powerful and versatile. (Side note: if you’re checking it out for the first time, be sure to start with one or two simple tasks in mind and grow your usage from there. Otherwise it’s overwhelming and you’ll stop using it. I originally did until I started using it just for text expansion.)



These are roughly the steps needed to use this macro with Keyboard Maestro. I’ve been using this tool for a while, so I very well could be missing some steps required for this macro to be used. This macro only works in Safari.

  • Download and install Keyboard Maestro
  • First launch stuff
  • System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy tab
  • Privacy tab: Accessibility: Keyboard Maestro, Keyboard Maestro Engine
  • Automation: Keyboard Maestro:Safari, Keyboard Maestro Engine:Safari (this one may require you to run the Macro first and it to fail)
  • Safari -> Preferences -> Advanced tab -> Show Develop menu checked
  • Safari -> Develop menu -> enable Allow JavaScript from Apple Events
  • Download and double click my form macro

Triggering Macros

I have a macro that triggers other macros by name. I can’t remember if this is built in or if I created it. So, if you’re new to Keyboard Maestro and need a way to run Macros and it’s not there, then you can download it here.

It’s a Spotlight-like launcher window. Type the first few characters of your macro, up/down arrow to pick the macro, and return to run it. I use hyper-key + m to pull up the macro launcher, but you can edit it and set it to whatever keyboard shortcut you want.

Running the Macro

  • Go to the stupid downloads page.
  • Hyper-key + m and search for “fiery”
  • Press return and watch the form be automagically filled out for you